Coolant Level Sensor Delete Cap for BMW

  • $16.99

These caps are designed to replace the float type coolant level sensor found on older BMWs.  These caps feature M27x1.5mm threading, and fit the BMW E30(1981-1993 3' series), BMW E36(1992-1995 3' series), BMW E28(1980-1988 5' series), BMW E34(1987-1996 5' series), BMW E24(1978-1989 6' series), and BMW E32(1986-1994 7' series).  These caps are a cosmetic upgrade, are less likely to leak than the BMW coolant level sensor, and weight less than half of the sensor.

  • Made in USA
  • M27x1.5mm threading
  • Silicone Washer
  • Anodized and laser engraved aluminum
  • 16 grams 26 grams lighter than the sensor