Lifetime Limited Warranty

All aluminum tanks, oil pans, heat exchangers and differential covers manufactured by RS Engineering LLC are warranted against failure not caused by physical damage.

This Warranty Policy applies solely to: (i) RS Engineering LLC products purchased directly from RS Engineering LLC or authorized dealers and (ii) the original purchaser of such RS Engineering LLC product. This Warranty Policy is non-transferable and all claims under this Warranty Policy must be accompanied by the original sales receipt. The terms and conditions of this Warranty Policy are subject to change by RS Engineering LLC at any time without notice. 

After submission of a valid claim by a Purchaser RS Engineering LLC will, at its discretion: (i) repair or replace Purchaser’s original RS Engineering LLC product; (ii) replace Purchaser’s original RS Engineering LLC Product with the most current available model (if, for example, the original model of the product for which a valid claim has been submitted is not available); or (iii) provide the purchaser with a gift card redeemable at in the amount of the original purchase price of the original RS Engineering LLC product.

To submit a claim for an RS Engineering LLC product under this Warranty Policy, you must provide RS Engineering LLC with a copy of an original sales receipt indicating that you are the original Purchaser of the RS Engineering LLC product for which the claim is being submitted. In addition, if requested by RS Engineering LLC you must also send the RS Engineering product for which a claim is being made, all transportation expenses prepaid, to RS Engineering LLC.  Please submit claims to