I’ve decided to ruin my 1988 BMW 325iX!

Posted by Robert Schmitt on

1988 BMW 325ix competing in a winter autocross

I always believed since I bought the car in 2008, that someday this rare AWD version of the BMW E30 would be worth something to someone else. I’ve never been a collector car guy, but I thought it would be cool to have an E30 in close to original condition if I could ever find enough spare cash to redo the paint and interior.

I guess it was trying to replace one of the 325iX’s front control arms that has been the last straw for me. Inner ball joints that fit the 325iX front control arms have been discontinued, so although now you can buy a new front control for any other BMW E30 for about $80 a 325iX control arm is $480. I decided that I needed to sell the car, or “ruin” it.

After a little searching at https://bringatrailer.com/search/325ix/ I concluded that any partial restoration of the car would cost more than I would get back. After doing pretty well against the modern AWD turbo cars at the 2019 winter autocross series at Road America I decided that I was going to try to turn it into a rally/rallycross car.

I had planned to just get the front driveshaft splines extended and a hydraulic handbrake in the car for 2020 ice racing season in Wisconsin, but broke some important bits the night before the first event. Now the plan is to finish a full open class rally build in time for the SCCA Rallycross National at Road America and a few ARA events in 2020.  Be on the lookout for this year for a 325ix with RS Engineering branding.  It will probably be white.  

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